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Experience High-Quality Audio 

Distributed audio is a system that allows you to listen to your favorite music throughout your home. With distributed audio, you can control the music from a single source, such as a smartphone or tablet. You can also create different zones, so that you can listen to different music in different rooms.

Distributed Audio Installation Services

Bring your home to life with Satellite & Electronic Innovations distributed audio installation services. Our skilled technicians can design and install a multi-room audio system that lets you enjoy your favorite music throughout your home. We use top-quality equipment and industry-leading brands to ensure the best sound quality and reliability. Whether you want a simple setup or a complex system with multiple sources and zones, we can deliver the right solution for you. Contact us today to schedule your home-distributed audio installation and take the first step in creating the ultimate home listening experience.

Benefits of Distributed Audio By Satellite & Electronic Innovations

  • Multi-room audio system design and installation

  • Use of top-quality equipment and industry-leading brands

  • Simple or complex system setups

  • Multiple sources and zones

  • Expert troubleshooting and repairs

  • Best customer service and support you will find!


Why choose Satellite & Electronics

High Quality Equipment

What makes our work stand apart from others, is our understanding of what you need based on your budget. We listen to our clients and don't sell you certain speakers that make us more profit today and some other speakers tomorrow. We sell and use only the best possible speakers based on the desired use, budget and placement. Every amplifier installed is also properly matched and tuned with each installation. We have used many different brands and know exactly what you will need. If you have a preference of your own, we will be more than glad to procure the speakers you are interested in and install the system for you.



Having distributed audio inside and outside is absolutely a must for anyone who enjoys listening to music. One of our objectives is to give you maximum entertainment value in your system without having to compromise the appearance of your property. Having the right sound and lighting environment is key and we will provide a perfect solution for you to fit your budget and needs!


Design & Placement

There is a lot more to distributed audio than just simply stuffing a speaker in a wall or ceiling. Each room has geometrical challenges and sound quality and aesthetics should never be compromised because of structural limitations. There is always a solution to every problem. We will take the time to make sure your system not only looks and fits good, but sounds amazing as well. There are different speaker types that can be used for different problems to get the right solution. 


Schedule your Distributed Audio installation today.


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